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Gear list bicycle touring

Over the length of my trip, my gear and bike setup has changed quite a bit. Lately, after an accident, I switched over from a classic 6 bag Ortlieb setup to a lighter bikepacking system.


Surly Troll steel MTB 26″
Shimano XT components
10 speed
Surly rear rack
Avid BB7 brakes
2 Ortlieb classic front rollers
Outdoor Research 20 L dry bag

Schwalbe Mondial
Small rear light
BBB Fueltank bottle holder
Shockblade mudguards
Small lock
Mach saddle
Thudbuster LT suspension seat post

Arizona Flag kit Rouge Panda
Tool bag Rouge Panda
Oveja Negra handle bar harness
Oveja Negra accessory bag
Jones-H-Bar (handle bar)

Chalk bag as bottle holder

Click-Stand + self-made holder
Blackburn cages

spare spokes


Road Air pump
Victorinox pocket knife
Chain breaker
Allen keys 3,4,5,6
Chain oil

Pressure gauge
Chain brush
Screw driver
Tyre levers
Spokey – spoke wrench
Tyre repair boot
Thudbuster LT suspension seat post

Spare parts

Zip ties in different sizes
Spare parts for Click-Stand
Break pads
Chain links + lock
Spare tent pole kit
Screws + nuts + washer
Batteries for torch and bike Computer
2 Brake cables

2 Gear shift cables
Hub grease
Therm-a-Rest patch
Tent patches
Repair glue
Needle + thread
Duct tape
Tube patches + glue


Details & Reviews here Kitchen

Picogrill 85 wood stove
Snow Peak gas stove
Gas bottle

Immersion heater
Trangia stove + self-made pot stand
Alcohol in a bottle

MSR stowaway pot 0,8 L
Sawyer waterfilter
3x Nalgene 1,5 L bottle
MSR 10 L water bladder
Storm matches

Fire sticks
Steel mug
Scratch cleaning pad
Nalgene bottle 1 L


Cumulus Panyam 600
Sea to Summit compression sack
Therma Rest Neo Air

Sleeping bag liner 
Hilleberg Soulo tent 
2 Tarps used as footprint


Pair of REI rain pants
Rain jacket
ORWI short sleeve Merino wool jersey
Synthetic T-Shirt + Bike shirt

Mammut pants
Windbreaker fleece jacket
Eddie Bauer down jacket

Sport bra
Baselball cap

UV sleeves
ORWI socks
Bike gloves
ORWI beanie
Long underwear
Running shoes


Laptop + cord
Manfrotto tripod
Olympus OM-D- EM 10
Zuiko 14-42 mm
Zuiko 40 – 150 mm
USB sticks
SD cards
Sinji RS-020 speedometer
Mira speaker

Seagate portable drive
USB speaker cord
USB charger
Camera batterie Recharger
Batteries camera
Lens cleaner tissue


Petzl torch
Wallet for passport + docs
Drivers license
Debit card

Passport pictures
“Thank you” cards

Picture dictionary
Current map

Maps for the following region
World map

Washbag & medicine

Pain killers
Gauze bandage

MCP AL retard
Toothbrush + paste
Toilet paper

Gear which I used in the past

Bear country

Rope for hanging food in the tree watch my video to see how 
Bear spray with holder

Winter gear

High visibility safety vest
Winter gloves
Winter buff
Winter adidas bike jacket

Thick socks
Bivi sack
Portland Pogies
Sorel winter boots

Thermos bottle
Insulated mini skirt
Ski pants

Continental Top Contact winter tires
Thick inner layer sleeping bag


  1. You are amazing………….period………….Congratulations

    ……………… are living the dream……………

    …………………..the world is your home………

    ………………………..go girl…………………….

    • You are nails.
      Thank you for the gear lists, most useful. Given all the places you have been did you find the water filter adequate?

  2. Hi Heike,
    I guess it’ s not your favourite subject but I’d like to know what you think about your initial gear if you had to restart all from the beginning, particularly concerning these points:
    – Is the frame and handlebar backpacking configuration you set up presently could have suit your whole itinerary, without changing that much your way of travelling and comfort ?
    – Free standing tent necessity vs non freestanding one ?
    – Has your 600g down filled sleeping bag (comfort temp. -6C) did the job (combined with the rest of your clothed and good mattress), or should you have chosen it a little more protective ?
    – No bike short with pad ?
    – Clipless pedals ?
    – No need of handlebar mirror ?
    – I notice you only use front mudguard. Is it so usefull finally ? Rainy days are not so common on a world tour ?
    – Click-stand: would you keep it today ? Are the brake bands compatible with your previous Ergon grips ?

    • Hi Antoine, yes you are right, not my favourite topics, but I give it a go to explain my thoughts to your questions.

      – Is the frame and handlebar backpacking configuration you set up presently could have suit your whole itinerary, without changing that much your way of travelling and comfort ?

      yes !

      – Free standing tent necessity vs non freestanding one ?

      never ever an non freestanding tent again!

      – Has your 600g down filled sleeping bag (comfort temp. -6C) did the job (combined with the rest of your clothed and good mattress), or should you have chosen it a little more protective ?

      Well, the problem is here, the temperature range of 60C during my trip. minus 20 to plus 40 – there is no solution for this.
      It was freezing cold in the US in the night! The best would be once you get to the really cold areas, get another sleeping bag sent – I personally find it silly to carry a heavy, bulky and hot sleeping bag through the summer or in hot climate destinations. With a bit of planning this is doable.

      – No bike short with pad ?

      No need for that at all – takes too long to dry – uncomfortable….your bum get used to the saddle – the right saddle is far more important

      – Clipless pedals ?

      nothing else on a long trip – at least for me

      – No need of handlebar mirror ?

      Had a few – they all broke

      – I notice you only use front mudguard. Is it so useful finally ? Rainy days are not so common on a world tour ?

      No I have rear mudguards, but lost my front mudguard lately. The rear is mainly protected through the bags – the front is trickier – sure it does rain – but less than you might think.

      – Click-stand: would you keep it today ? Are the brake bands compatible with your previous Ergon grips ?
      I didn’t like the click-stand – too complicated – broke early – tossed it away and replaced it with a normal kick-stand again.

      I hope that helped. Ask if you need to know more. Cheers Heike

  3. Hi Heike,
    I’ve been following your adventure through Mexico and I hope you found a better hospitality in Guatemala since then ! I am very interested in the accuracy of your moods described in your blog, along your odyssey !
    Thanks for your answer posted 2 months ago concerning your gear. I read it lately and it helps me.

    I have a couple of questions concerning your camera. You have chosen a very compact 14-42mm pancake and a much bulkier 40-150mm. I had the pleasure to discover much of your pictures but it’s hard for me make statistics and determine which are the focal lengths you used more, considering your context. But I know that it is personal ! From my point of view, full frame equivalent 24 and 50mm are the priority, but do you have the feeling you could have avoided the Zuiko 40-150mm during all these years on the road, without too much sacrifice ? Or at worst, would the Olympus 75mm (150 FF equ.) could have been enough ? My questions intend to determine if I could reduce my photographic equipment with brighter fixed focal lenses instead, and stay as light as you did (approx 750g).

    Second point, (I’m curious !!!), where do you put your camera and the telezoom 40-150 when not used ? Is that last one going into the 1/2 waterproof frame bag and the camera + pancake going into the handle bar’s full waterproof accessory bag ? Besides, do you use extra pouches for those two items ?


    • HI Antoine,

      my lenses broke a while ago (I haven’t updated my gear site for a while).
      I am now using prime lenses.
      The 40-150 is not bulky at all – far lighter than the 75mm and much cheaper and for the small amount of money it cost it has a good quality. The pancake instead is not good – stay away from it.

      Go for the 17mm and the 45mm if you like it light ! You don’t need more.

      I have the lenses in my seat-bag and the camera in a waterproof bag which goes in my front handlebar bag. Seat-bag is the perfect spot – safest.

      Cheers Heike

      • Thanks Heike !

  4. My tip : the Mobius actioncamera

    Hello Heike,

    The Mobius actioncamera is a great (little) camera to make nice films and timelapse photos while riding. With the free software you simply can preset 3 types of actions : film1, film 2 and (ie timelapse) photos. And then with just 1 push on 1 button it starts or stops. Just have a look at this intro and review :

    Don’t forget to buy a barholder (but not the types with the big black plastic ring !), a camholder and a lensprotector.

    Set it up to ie 1 photo every 3 or 5 or 8 minutes and cycle along that valley and through the woods. Then skip the photos you don’t like.

    Use ie XNView freeware to batchprocess the photos anyway and on all aspects you like. Then, also in XNView, batch-downsize (copies of) them to ie 1000px and add ie your watermark. Finally use ie Photoscape freeware to create your animated gifs !

    And if you set it up into motiondetection you might finally succeed to catch one or more of those animals that are visiting you while you are sleeping !

    A really great little camera that comes with a very acceptable price (less then 20% off …) and brings you endless possibilities and so more and more ideas !


  5. Hy Heike,
    Which kind of wheel do you have ? 26″ or 27.5″ ? and which brand are they ?
    What is the tire width ?
    Thank you for your answer 🙂

  6. Hi Heike,
    I have decided to bring along my laptop on my next cycle trip. I also have an Asus which I believe have a similar size to yours. What is your system to protect your computer inside your pannier/bag ? Do you just use a regular computer case or do you have some waterproof sleeve you put it into ? Any specific computer case/sleeve recommendation to bring it along on a bike trip?

    • Hi Anne, actually I simply put it in my panniers……I might wrap it around a jacket but that’s about it…..never had a problem so far…..good luck….Cheers Heike

  7. Hello Heike,
    Good to know that you made a fresh start on new horizons ! It’s always a pleasure to read your blog !
    I’ve a technical question to ask you concerning hubs. Considering your last pictures, it seems you adopted a classical hub for the rear wheel. I’d like to know your balance sheet about the previous Rolhoff you experimented during all these last years ? Have you been satisfied with it ? Did you find difficult to get the specific oil whenever you needed on your way ?…

    • HI Antoine, are you Antoine from Russia? Nice to hear from you!

      I have never had a Rolhoff, sorry I can’t help.

      Best greetings from Senegal, Heike

  8. Not from Russia but from France. It just happened to me asking you some questions last year on your bog. Don’t know why I got convinced you had the Rohloff !!!
    Have a great time in wonderfull Senegal !

  9. Loooove your photography Heike.
    You are an expert at keeping things simple and I wonder:
    – What post production software are you using while traveling.
    – Are you shooting Jpeg or Raw?
    – Are you baking up your pictures to cloud? Any tips, internet connection, WIFI?
    Cheers Lori

    • THank you Lori,

      – Lightroom
      – Jpeg and RAW but I only shoot RAW because I might need it one day – I am not using it for post production
      – no cloud – card, external hard drive, laptop – internet connection is Africa is way to slow for uploading.

      Best greetings Heike

  10. Hi Heike. Really enjoying reading through your gear lists and looking at your latest post ‘photos from Africa’. I’m in Valladolid, Mexico at the mo as I type. It’s my 2nd time cycling in Mexico. I spent 3 months in 2016/17 cycling from Tijuana to Mexico City. I think I remember at that time you weren’t far behind me… you doing the Baja Divide. Me on the roads.

    I think it might also be possible that you were in Morocco last Christmas when I was on a quick 2 week cycle trip heading south from Agadir. I remember enjoying your blog and photos immensely at that time too.

    I have a question about your saddle. I have just invested in my 2nd Brooks saddle. This time a ladies short one with a piece cut out in the middle. But my ass is aching. The nails on the saddle cause a real redness, soreness that I have never heard any other cyclist complain about. Must be just my bum! When I google yours I see it for sale for 13 euros. The Selle Royal mach Athletic saddle. Is that the one? It is possible that you ride the world without padding on a 13 euro saddle?

    Thanks and wishing you well on the roads ahead,
    Michelle (Irland)

    • Big thank you Michelle, sorry we missed each other twice.

      Yes, Michelle it is a 12 Euro saddle and I am cycling the planet with it. Never used
      padded shorts and never had any problems so far!
      I replaced the saddle twice.
      Love it!
      Give it a try….

      Best greetings Heike

      • Ace. I love it. Thanks a million for your reply. I’m not sure I’ll find the exact one in Mexico but I have heard that Mérida – which is my next destination has a Decathlon. I think I’ll send my 120 euro one home and pick up something cheap and cheerful.

  11. Hello Heike,

    This is an amazing website, you are an inspirational woman, and what an adventure! I hate to be a gear wonk, but:

    What has been your favorite handlebar setup, saddle, pedals, and tires?

    I ask this as one day, if I can be as courageous as you, I might like to tour internationally.

    Happy Holidays!

    • HI Tony – thank you!

      It all depends on what you are planning on doing – rough trails or tarmac? Long tour or short?

      I would get a harness and a dry sack for the front. Flat pedals – no cleats, saddle – too individual to recommend something, tires depends on the terrain you are riding.
      Best greetings Heike

  12. Hello and thanks you a lot for all these inspirations ! I’m preparing a long travel and I want to put two Nalgene 1,5l on my fork too, but I can’t put a black burn cage because I have already one on each side. The BBB Fueltank bottle holder would work well with these bottles on the fork? It is stable?
    Thank by advance and keep making us dream !

  13. Hi and thanks you very much for your answer, but i’ve taken another cage. You have the BBB Fueltank”XL” and not the basic. It is impossible now to find it in France. And I asked myself a question. How do you prepare your itinerary ? Do you prepare your tracks before to enter the country ? What is your material ? GPS, paper map ? And your method ? I ask you a lot, but I prepare my trip, and it is the most difficult part. Thank you a lot !

    • Hi Gabriel,

      I have a rough idea where I want to go. Head for the roads less traveled, and stay flexible with my itinerary. I hardly ever follow someone else’s idea and never create a track beforehand. I am mainly using these days. I also always try to get a paper map for each country I riding through.

      Just go – things will work out on the way…..

      Best greetings Heike

  14. I am preparing for a long journey and you have inspired me a lot. Thank you for keeping us dreaming!


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